Monthly Archives: October 2009

Research support services

I am pleased to note a collaboration between OCLC Research and the Research Information Network in the UK to explore changing research support needs in universities. We tend to focus on how technology changes library practices, but the impact of technology on libraries will be less important in the long term than the impact of … Continue reading Research support services

Untangling the library systems environment

NISO organized a meeting on library resource management a couple of weeks ago: I notice that the presentations are now available on the web. They make an interesting collection, and I return to them in a moment. I have written about the library systems environment in these pages from time to time. A blog entry … Continue reading Untangling the library systems environment

Community is the new content

We are now very used to interacting with resources in a social context. The application of community to content, in terms of discussion, recommendation, reviews, ratings and so on, is evident in many of the services we use, and in some form in most of the major network servies we use (Amazon, iTunes, Netflix, …). … Continue reading Community is the new content

Government URIs: a write to reply

Tony Hirst alerted me to an interesting document on the structure of URIs in UK government websites. There were two things of immediate interest. The first was the emphasis a Government agency was putting on information architecture in a web environment. Other documents will follow. This is from the introduction: 8. URI sets will be … Continue reading Government URIs: a write to reply

Discoverability .. a report that’s worth a look

We are awash in assisted thinking, as I may have remarked. One document that is worth a look is Discoverability produced earlier this year by a team at the University of Minnesota. In October 2008, the Web Services Steering Committee at the University of Minnesota Libraries created the Discoverability exploratory subgroup, charged to recommend ways … Continue reading Discoverability .. a report that’s worth a look