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How to repost?

I ‘re-posted’ my entry on the ‘two ways of Web 2.0’ the other day. On the site, I now have a page for the original entry and for the ‘re-post’. I have just ‘re-posted’ another entry, but this time I chose to do it a different way. I changed the publish date to today’s date, … Continue reading How to repost?

Being friends with the librarian in the Bibliothèque National

[I bring back this entry prompted by the selection of The Arcades Project in the series of canonical works in the Times Higher Education Supplement. It was originally published on July 13 2007.] There is a passage in a letter from Walter Benjamin to Theodor Adorno where he suggests removing a reference to Georges Bataille … Continue reading Being friends with the librarian in the Bibliothèque National

Research assessment and the library …

I am pleased to note the appearance of a new report on research assessment and the role of libraries. This has been prepared as part of our Research Information Management stream of work in support of the RLG Partnership. The study is a comparative review of formal assessment regimes in five countries. Such assessment regimes … Continue reading Research assessment and the library …

The information, er, protocol society …

The ‘information society’ is a vague term, but seems to convey enough of something useful to stay in currency. Frank Webster reviews the concept as it is used in the social sciences and communications studies here. Reductively, one might point to two emphases in thinking about an Information Society, which emerged successively. In the first, … Continue reading The information, er, protocol society …

Being foreign

We have been traveling over the holiday period – to London briefly, and then on to various Irish destinations. One of the consequences of Twitter is that there are fewer incentives for the ‘pointer’ blog entry, a collection of links to interesting items. However, this is a pointer entry. It is pointing to an article … Continue reading Being foreign

The importance of books ..

I read the interesting Communicating knowledge: how and why UK researchers publish and disseminate their findings and its supplementary reports (literature review and bibliometric analysis) on a transatlantic flight the other day. (Incidentally, it must have been the most cramped large-plane seat I have ever been on – I could not use my laptop.) A … Continue reading The importance of books ..

The two ways of Web 2.0 – retread

[I first published this in March 2008, and still find it useful to think in terms of concentration and diffusion. I was reminded of the entry and prompted to ‘recycle’ it – despite its age – when I read the following sentence in a recent blog entry by Nicholas Carr “Although a network can be … Continue reading The two ways of Web 2.0 – retread

QOTD: Spiders and flies and classics

Reading Concerning E.M. Forster by Frank Kermode, I was reminded of one of my favorite quotes, Forster’s response to Eliot’s criticism of his remarks about D.H. Lawrence … So they corresponded and respected one another, and after Lawrence died Forster wrote that the regarded him as ‘one of the glories of our twentieth-century literature’, and … Continue reading QOTD: Spiders and flies and classics

Stuff as a service …

First, a note on a couple of recent media experiences … We went to The boat that rocked (aka Pirate Radio) recently and were determined to enjoy it. For those that don’t know, it is a movie set in 1966 on a ‘pirate radio’ ship broadcasting music into the UK. However nostalgia was not enough … Continue reading Stuff as a service …

Your new home page

Tony Hirst has made the interesting observation that an organization’s real home page is the first page of its Google results. One of the several announcements made by Google last week was one about the integration of real-time feeds in its search results. First, we’re introducing new features that bring your search results to life … Continue reading Your new home page