Monthly Archives: December 2009

Choice is hard work: an anecdatum

We got an iMac for family use in the Summer. I never liked the keyboard and the mouse keeps sticking as crumbs and so on get lodged in it. Myself and my son headed off to Micro Center the other evening to explore replacements. They had sold out of the new ‘magic’ mouse, so we … Continue reading Choice is hard work: an anecdatum

Beyond bibliographic records

Our cataloging model revolves around the ‘manifestation’, the particular edition or version of a work that is to be added to the collection. This is also the unit of bibliographic exchange: we ship around MARC records which have data about ‘manifestations’. These are the ‘inputs’ into our catalogs and bibliographic systems. There is no necessary … Continue reading Beyond bibliographic records

QOTD: Great cultural collisions

There is an interview with Paul McGuinness, manager of U2, in the weekend FT. McGuinness has been an active participant in discussions about the impact of network distribution on the music business (see here for example). Given the recent discussions around Google Book Search and around indexing of newspaper content, I thought this was another … Continue reading QOTD: Great cultural collisions