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All the news …

My former OCLC colleague Eric Hellman has become one of the more interesting bloggers in our space. A little while ago he wrote about the acquisition of Liblime by PTFS. He made a general opening comment …: The library industry has likewise been troubled by misalignment of interests between the owners of the companies and … Continue reading All the news …

Talking to people

I am interviewed occasionally for a report somebody is preparing. Sometimes internal, not for publication, sometimes published. It is always interesting when reading the final outcome to see how and whether my comments were included. My experiences vary. Sometimes I am pleased to see an appropriate trace of the conversation; sometimes I can see no … Continue reading Talking to people


Apologies to commenters – we had some hiccups. Some were delayed and a couple may have been lost. We will try not to do it again …


Readers will have noted recently that I have been interested in reputation management and impact, and in how libraries may support institutional goals in these areas. In this context I was interested to read the following in a thoughtful reflection on future directions for research libraries by Susan Gibbons: Another shift in technical service in … Continue reading Reconfigurations

Outside-in and inside-out

An ‘industry’ pattern appears to have emerged which builds a discovery layer over resources available from the library (or from a group library service, at the level of a state or a consortium for example). Three characteristics come to mind. First, there is an attempt to provide an integrated discovery experience over multiple resource types/workflows: … Continue reading Outside-in and inside-out

Digital content quarterly

Digital Content Quarterly is a new publication from the Strategic Content Alliance. In this fast-paced, ever-changing environment the Strategic Content Alliance’s Digital Content Quarterly (DCQ) provides a news round-up of digital content issues from around the world, thought-provoking features highlighting key debates in the field and regular columns from leading digital content experts in areas … Continue reading Digital content quarterly

Reputational survey

As university rankings attract more attention and as national/regional policy discussions continue about whether and how to concentrate research excellence, Thompson Reuters have provided a little more detail about their plans to work with Times Higher Education to develop their own framework to support university profiling and ranking. Our aim with the Global Institutional Profiles … Continue reading Reputational survey


My colleague Ricky Erway bravely accepted the challenge to talk as an outsider on the challenges faced by Europeana to a European conference on digitization last year. Her remarks are recorded in an article in the LIBER Quarterly. The organisers of the second LIBER/EBLIDA workshop on digitisation (The Hague, October 19-21) asked Ricky Erway of … Continue reading Europeana

Where are the numbers? The impact of the economic recession on university library and IT services

‘The impact of the economic recession on university library and IT services’ [pdf] is a report by market research company Ipsos Mori for several UK higher education organizations. A summary and a briefing paper are also available. It documents possible approaches to cost saving based on interviews with librarians and directors of ICT services. I … Continue reading Where are the numbers? The impact of the economic recession on university library and IT services

VIAF design pattern

A blog entry by Paul Walk – An infrastructure service anti-pattern – drew some attention a while ago. He argues against a model in which a service provider independently develops APIs and a user interface, and in which, accordingly, the APIs are developed in advance of actual use or explicit external requirements. He claims that … Continue reading VIAF design pattern