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Working organizations

Via @psychemedia I saw this advert for a CIO at the Open University in the UK. I thought it was interesting for a couple of reasons. The first was the language which seemed more ‘upbeat’ than you normally see in academic institutions (but maybe I am just out of touch ;-). For example: First-class communication … Continue reading Working organizations

Name, rank and serial number

As authors are recognised as resources to be discovered, managed, ranked, and tracked, an interest in names and identifiers will continue to grow. A focus on research evaluation, reputation management, publication management drive this, as well as general information management issues in a web environment. Historically, national libraries have managed names within their jurisdictions. The … Continue reading Name, rank and serial number


Following a serendipitous encounter in Barnes & Noble at ALA in Boston I made an impulsive purchase. The volume in question is Why Irish: Irish language and literature in academia, proceedings from a conference organised at Notre Dame. The opening essay sets the scene and includes a discussion of the value of the humanities in … Continue reading following_a_ser

Sourcing and scaling

One of the major issues facing libraries as the network reconfigures processes is how appropriately to source and scale activities. What does it make sense to do at institutional level, what does it make sense to source elsewhere (repository services in the cloud, for example, or insitutional email services from Google), and what should be … Continue reading Sourcing and scaling

Scientific publications as social objects …

The Comprendia Blog has an entry about social networks in the sciences: Are Any Social Networks for Life Scientists Gaining Traction? It is a report of a ‘quick and dirty’ analysis of visitors to a range of sites. Not everything you might expect is included; Mendelay for example does not feature because of its local … Continue reading Scientific publications as social objects …

Cover notes

And speaking of The Second Sex reminds me that the Penguin Modern Classic edition is one of those books with an iconic cover which enters deep into the book memory. (Although i could not find this book or its cover on various Penguin sites earlier, which seemed a shame.) The weekend issue of the Financial … Continue reading Cover notes

The publisher and the translation

I got my copy of The London Review of Books in the mail (aka post) today. I had seen John Naughton discuss the review of a new translation of The Second Sex by Toril Moi (WC Identity) and I turned to read it. The focus of the review is a critique of the translation, a … Continue reading The publisher and the translation

Bruges Public Library catalogue

Prompted by a recent entry, I got a note from Koen Calis, Librarian Bruges Public Library, about their catalogue, Cabrio. Here is quite a full presentation which covers a range of interesting feature: Cabriology The Bruges Aquabrowser Experience View more presentations from Koen Calis. I was interested in their adaptation of my colleague Robin Murray’s … Continue reading Bruges Public Library catalogue

Patterns of publication and library collections as measure of technology shifts?

We were pleased to welcome Dr Michelle Alexopoulos from the University of Toronto to OCLC last week. Michelle is an economist whose recent research has focused on creating and analyzing new measures of technical change for developed economies. The abstract of her talk gives a flavor of some of this work, and why it was … Continue reading Patterns of publication and library collections as measure of technology shifts?