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Bookstores, curation and managing demand/consumption …

I have just returned to the US from a couple of weeks vacation in Ireland and England. I was more than usually struck by my bookstore (aka book shop) experiences, and this prompted the curation entry I have just written. First of all, an interesting note that I have quoted before about the management of … Continue reading Bookstores, curation and managing demand/consumption …

On the discrimination of curators and curations ….

As existing practices evolve and new ones emerge it often takes time for the way in which we talk about them to settle down. There may be some interim terminological confusion. This has happened in our world with ‘archive’ for example. We can also see this happen with curation/curation/curator. In recent conversations, it seems to … Continue reading On the discrimination of curators and curations ….

Stitching costs – retread

I am on vacation and traveling this week, and so am taking the opportunity to air again an entry of a couple of years ago on what I called ‘stitching costs’ …. We are familiar with switching costs, the costs of changing a supplier. I may decide not to change my phone or email arrangements, … Continue reading Stitching costs – retread

In the Twitter flow ..

One of the recurrent themes of this blog has been the work done by libraries to put more of their services in the flow of their users’ working, learning and research behaviors. In this context, I was pleased to see the work by my colleagues on implementing Worldcat searches in Twitter. Mike Teets provides fuller … Continue reading In the Twitter flow ..

Discovery layers – Top Tech Trends 2

[No 2 of 3. No 1 here.] I was pleased to participate in LITA’s Top Tech Trends panel at ALA this year (see the video and live coverage). We were each asked to talk about three trends: current, a bit further out, and a bit further out again. In thinking about the exercise, it seemed … Continue reading Discovery layers – Top Tech Trends 2