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Sorting out demand again …. announced the demise of Bloglines a while ago. From October 1st the service will no longer exist. The rationale was twofold: first they wanted to focus on their core business, and second they described how the environment had changed …. A little perspective: when we originally acquired Bloglines in 2005, RSS was in its … Continue reading Sorting out demand again ….

Library literature again …

First a mention of two recent articles …. Rick Anderson has a very nice piece in Educause Review about budgets, libraries and scholarly publishers. It is an interesting reflection on systemic change, always difficult to manage as it involves reconsidering why things are done as well as how they are done. Scholarly publishers are looking … Continue reading Library literature again …

The idea of FRBR …

Not having a copy of The Idea of a university to hand, I was looking in Google Book Search and Amazon earlier. Newman is in the news (here is the Wall Street Journal), and I was curious to have a quick look. Sad to say, I even did a search for library to see what … Continue reading The idea of FRBR …


And speaking of UCD …. To be a student at University College Dublin was to be very much aware of Cardinal Newman, in name at least, as he lent it to various buildings, institutions and initiatives. Cardinal Newman has been much in the news recently, in advance of his beatification by the Pope in Birmingham … Continue reading Newman

Brutalist architecture and libraries

I was talking to Carole Moore, Chief Librarian of the University of Toronto Libraries, recently about Robarts Library, described by Wikipedia as one of “the most significant examples of brutalist architecture in North America”. Curious, I followed the Wikipedia link to brutalist architecture. I was interested to find several libraries mentioned there alongside Robarts. In … Continue reading Brutalist architecture and libraries

Emerging network level management of the collective print collection

One of the recurrent themes in these pages is that systemwide coordination of print materials is necessary as libraries begin to retire collections – to offsite storage or removing them altogether. There are various drivers here: the demands on space, the emergence of a digital corpus, the cost of managing a resource that releases progressively … Continue reading Emerging network level management of the collective print collection

Information management on campus: CRIS, IR, CERIF, CRM, PIPAL

One of the consequences of our network world is that more and more activities are ‘informationalized’: they generate data and the management of data is an important part of their operation. We will increasingly see applications which want to mix information about researchers and publications with information about projects, organizations, and so on. This prompts … Continue reading Information management on campus: CRIS, IR, CERIF, CRM, PIPAL