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A digest of this blog is distributed to registered readers each Monday morning. This week, only this entry will be noted as new. I have slowed down on the blogging front and am now going to take a break for a while to focus on some other commitments. I will return later in the year. … Continue reading Hiatus

Evolving research life …

I was interviewed for the British Library’s Growing Knowledge: the evolution of research exhibition, which opened last week. I have not seen the physical installation yet but there is an online presence. See the gallery of digital research initiatives they showcase, for example, or the network research tools. One theme is the role of the … Continue reading Evolving research life …

The infrastructure is getting thicker ..

Andy Powell has a nice post on general trends in educational use of networking. The context is a reflection on the future of federated access management but the points he makes are more generally interesting. He talks about the economic situation, outsourcing to the cloud and shared services, the varieties of openness, changing student expectations, … Continue reading The infrastructure is getting thicker ..

Influencing how you are seen in results …

Two websites I regularly look at are the The Guardian and Times Higher Education. In my lazy way I will often just pop the names into Google when looking for them. I have been interested in how they are characterised in Google results, based on what they put in the Meta description tags. Before saying … Continue reading Influencing how you are seen in results …

Books about universities … expansion

[This is a slightly expanded version of a blog post first published in February 2009. I was reminded of it in a discussion I had during the week with a colleague about publications about universities and thought I would bring it back.] Many of the pages in Worldcat Identities are for corporate authors, Ohio State … Continue reading Books about universities … expansion

“How golden is your retriever?” Maurice Line RIP

My former UKOLN colleague Ruth Burt sent me a note last week noting that Maurice Line had died. Ann Chapman writes about his work at the University of Bath, where he was the first University Librarian, as follows … While at Bath, Line initiated a number of research projects. INFROSS, a study of social scientists’ … Continue reading “How golden is your retriever?” Maurice Line RIP

Presenting ….

Although I give quite a few presentations, I don’t really present enough for them to become ends in themselves. I am thinking of this content-wise and style-wise. Content-wise, I tend to talk about things that are currently on my mind unless I have been asked to describe a particular set of activities or address a … Continue reading Presenting ….

Changing communications ….

I was struck by this comment by Om Malik as he talked about the acquisition of the TechCrunch group of blogs by AOL. Earlier this week, when he announced the acquisition, it dawned on me what a pivotal moment in the history of blog-based media entities it was. Five years ago, we were the upstarts, … Continue reading Changing communications ….