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Internal boundary changes .. the library in the institution

It has been interesting in recent years to see how library boundaries within universities have shifted as relationships with other campus providers potentially change. This is natural enough as the network has changed the way in which research, learning and administration are carried out within the university in important ways, with follow-on information management and … Continue reading Internal boundary changes .. the library in the institution

The library building and the library service

Inside Higher Ed has an interesting piece about library buildings, From modernist to modern. It talks about how Lafayette College and the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth embarked on projects to transform the Modernist libraries “at the heart of their campuses into modern, technologically advanced, sustainable centers for learning.” Lafayette and UMass-Dartmouth are far from … Continue reading The library building and the library service

Children’s Book Week …. Retread

[A discussion about children’s book Peepo! on Twitter prompt me to recycle this entry from 2006] To mark Children’s Book Week folks here at OCLC are talking about children’s books that mean something to them Here are two I like ….. The Wool-pack One of the first ‘long’ books I remember reading was The Wool-pack … Continue reading Children’s Book Week …. Retread

The amplified event …

I introduced the phrase The Amplfied Conference several years ago to describe the way in which a conference experience might be shared by people who were not physically present, through the amplification provided by a range of network tools. On reflection, of course, such amplification is also a way of enhancing the experience of people … Continue reading The amplified event …

The power of pull redux .. with examples

I have written about the Power of Pull before, an interesting book by John Hagel, John Seely Brown, and Lang Davison. For a fuller discussion see the earlier blog entry (People are entry points too … redux). Here is a short version. The authors discuss the shift from managing ‘knowledge stocks’ to participating in ‘knowledge … Continue reading The power of pull redux .. with examples

The Collections shift

A few things about library collection shifts came to my attention this week … Taken together, they underline several central trends: the move to electronic, the managing down of print collections, and the curation of institutionally-generated learning and research resources. Rick Anderson has a typically pointed post about Cloud-sourcing Research Collections: Managing Print in the … Continue reading The Collections shift