Monthly Archives: July 2011

Worldcat Identities Network: a ‘mashup’

There has been some nice reaction to the Worldcat Identities Network. The initial motivation for this was to put a graphic display of related Identities into an Identities page. This did not work out and we decided to make it available as a standalone app. The aim is to show how something could be built … Continue reading Worldcat Identities Network: a ‘mashup’

Gamification: services and libraries

I have been interested to see more notes in my tweetstream about peoples’ exercise or diet regimes. They are typically generated by network services as a by-product of some activity, running or cycling, for example, and are part of a motivating framework. The Withings bathroom scale is connected to the network, allows you to set … Continue reading Gamification: services and libraries

Spotify and Klout: fungible influence

Popular music streaming service Spotify has just launched in the US. For some background see the Ars Technica story. One of the interesting aspects of the launch was the tie-in with Klout. Klout is one of several services which provide analytics around social media activity. It aims to be the ‘standard for influence’, tracking social … Continue reading Spotify and Klout: fungible influence