A book on institutional repositories, no less …

ir.jpgI notice with interest that the Institutional Repository is a sufficiently mature topic for a publisher to publish a book on it and for authors (Richard Jones, Theo Andrew and John MacColl) to write one.
Incidentally, this was the first time that I noticed that Amazon.co.uk includes sponsored links. Speaking of which, here is the synopsis as published there:

This book discusses the concept of the Institutional Repository (IR) and examines how they can be set up, maintained and embedded into general institutional working practice. Specific reference is made to capturing certain types of research material such as E-Theses and E-Prints and what the issues are with regard to obtaining the material, ensuring that all legal grounds are covered and then storing the material in perpetuity. General workflow and administrative processes that may come up during the implementation and maintenance of an IR are discussed. The book notes that there are a number of different models that have been adopted worldwide for IR management, and these are discussed. Finally, a case study of the inception of the Edinburgh Research Archive is provided which takes the user through the long path from conception to completion of an IR, examining the highs and lows of the process and offering advice for other implementers. This allows the book the opportunity to introduce extensive practical experience in unexpected areas such as mediated deposit. [Amazon.co.uk: The Institutional Repository: Books]

I have not yet seen the book myself or read it.

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