In Borders earlier

I was in our local Border’s just now, forlornly looking for a weekend Financial Times. Not finding one, I was looking around aimlessly. A couple of things caught my eye, where one mode influences another.
One of the nice things about Border’s is that you can look for items on their ‘catalog’ in the store. I was amused to see a paper note hanging on the catalog screen: this is not a touch screen. I wonder did they have this issue before the iPhone and the devices it has influenced?
They also have occasional sections on the shelves where they display a book alongside several similar ones. They suggest that if you enjoyed reading the displayed title that you may also enjoy the several others that they place alongside it. I wonder are the recommendations generated by their sales data, or are they hand-picked by staff?

2 thoughts on “In Borders earlier”

  1. I have the same problem finding the Weekend edition of the FT at Barnes and Nobles. It seems as though there are never enough copies to satisfy the demand, and, although I read the daily occasionally, I much prefer the Weekend edition. Sadly, there is no way yet to subscribe to just the Weekend edition.

  2. Going by my experiences working in a book store, lo many years ago, book groupings are put together by corporate. Generally, it is the merchandising department that tells the individual stores what books to display together. I had the impression this was based upon a combination of sales figures, current events

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