4 thoughts on “Works 4 you?”

  1. I now see that the date sort is by number of items, but I looked at it and first thought it was a sort by date (a reverse sort at that). You guys do the testing, though–I assume you know if “mostest” is better than “by date.”
    Looks wonderful, though–oh, to go through the FRBR looking glass…

  2. I like this. I’m still processing it (and will be for a while yet, I think), but what impresses me most about it is the really very simple idea that the search machine doesn’t develop immediate amnesia after delivering the first result set.
    Search is a process, my search prof keeps drumming into our heads — so why don’t our tools respect that?

  3. OCLC Research rocks! But I have to say that the screenshot appears to be smoke and mirrors. The search is “alice” but there is no discernable way to get back to the search results, which must have resulted in many, many more titles than the one displayed. I think it is more challenging to build screen displays with all the elements you must deal with and not just selected ones.

  4. It looks very clean. One thing that I would suggest is to put the counts for subjects and categories too.
    We have implemented faceted searching in Engineering Village 2 and so far the feedback from the marhet has been very positive. Good luck with this project
    Rafael Sidi

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