A Dewey browse

deweybrowser.pngI am very pleased to see the DeweyBrowser appear on our ResearchWorks page. Thom trailed its appearance a while ago and had discussed some technical context. There is some more information on a background page.
We have brought it up over a collection of eBooks extracted from WorldCat; we will probably bring up some other collections in due course.
We have worked with visualization techniques in the past, and watch other intiatives with interest. I think it is fair to say that opinions are divided internally about how effective some of these approaches are once one gets past the initial ‘play’ phase.
I like the approach presented here. Try it for few minutes!

3 thoughts on “A Dewey browse”

  1. The Dewey Browse is interesting and I think it would benefit from a FRBRized view of the works in addition to the current listing of individual manifestations.

  2. I’m not sure if anyone has reported it but the DeweyBrowser does not work in Safari Version 2.0 (412.2). It loads the first row of blocks but there’s nothing in the squares. I’ll try to post a screenshot if I get the chance.

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