A referenceable list

My colleague Constance Malpas has created an interesting Worldcat List in support of ongoing work:

Selected print-only, refereed scholarly journals in the humanities with fewer than 50 aggregate library holdings. Holdings count limited to recs containing ISSN and English-language cataloging. [RLG Prospective Journals Preservation Project – sample titles]

This is an interesting list in itself. What struck me was how nice it was to be able to publish a list so that it was publicly referenceable, the data could be shared, and the items link back to library holdings.

One thought on “A referenceable list”

  1. Every month or so, John Scalzi (the SF author) posts an item to his blog declaring an open pimping thread, where authors (or anyone else, actually), can use the comments to publicize their work. I was working my way through the hundred or so comments, adding anything interesting to my WorldCat SF list, when I came across a comment saying, more or less, “What a great list of books! I’m adding it to a WorldCat list right now”. So there’s at least two more happy users.

    It’s possible to copy items from one list to another, but in doing so you lose any link to the source list, including any notes. It seems a bit much to suggest that you need bibliographic control of list items, but on the other hand you’d be just the people to do it. Right?

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