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Changing communications ….

I was struck by this comment by Om Malik as he talked about the acquisition of the TechCrunch group of blogs by AOL. Earlier this week, when he announced the acquisition, it dawned on me what a pivotal moment in the history of blog-based media entities it was. Five years ago, we were the upstarts, … Continue reading Changing communications ….

Blogging again

Even if some heat has gone out of the library blogosphere, there is still a fair amount of reading and writing going on. I was asked recently what I tended to look at, going beyond the well-known bigger names. Here are some of the blogs that came to mind – some others also come to … Continue reading Blogging again

QOTD: ways of seeing: a cover

In an interesting blog post on the changing nature of the book cover in a digital environment, James Bridle compares the covers of the much-discussed Odyssey Editions with the famous Ways of Seeing cover. The covers are typographic, and hark back in particular to the famous Pelican cover for John Berger’s Ways of Seeing, where … Continue reading QOTD: ways of seeing: a cover

Bookstores, curation and managing demand/consumption …

I have just returned to the US from a couple of weeks vacation in Ireland and England. I was more than usually struck by my bookstore (aka book shop) experiences, and this prompted the curation entry I have just written. First of all, an interesting note that I have quoted before about the management of … Continue reading Bookstores, curation and managing demand/consumption …

More reading …

Here are some recent reports/papers produced by OCLC Research or in which we have been involved … Kroll, Susan, and Rick Forsman. 2010. A Slice of Research Life: Information Support for Research in the United States. Report commissioned by OCLC Research in support of the RLG Partnership. Published online at: (.pdf: 1.1MB/24 pp.). (A … Continue reading More reading …

A nice dedication to librarians by Rick Riordan

We downloaded Rick Riordan’s latest novel, The Red Pyramid, to my son’s iPod Touch this afternoon. As he began to read, he came across this nice dedication: To all my librarian friends, champions of books, true magicians in the House of Life. Without you, this writer would be lost in the Duat.

We’re not going anywhere …. OK, we lied …

Last Friday I attended the RLG Partnership Symposium. The topic – When the books leave the building – reflected the growing discussion around the management of legacy print collections across the academic library system. The balance between local print, offsite print (local or shared), and emerging digitised collections, presents interesting choices. These are tactical as … Continue reading We’re not going anywhere …. OK, we lied …

QOTD: Marcus and Morrison

Greil Marcus finished an article about the reception of his recent book on Van Morrison with this lovely quote: Not all the stories people tell about Morrison, though, are stories of conflict, confusion, resentment, or regret. “I was talking to my father today,” a woman in Portland said. “He asked what I was doing tonight, … Continue reading QOTD: Marcus and Morrison

A web-siting at Yale: other editions and xISBN

I was looking at the Vufind implementation of the Yale University Library catalog – yufind – and was interested to see that it implements a link to OCLC’s xISBN service to pull together other editions of a displayed result. Here is an example where several versions of Krapp’s Last Tape are shown in the bottom … Continue reading A web-siting at Yale: other editions and xISBN

Return on attention and Current Cites

I was quite taken with the phrase “return on attention” while reading The Power of Pull a while ago. I was also interested in the deprecation of the term information overload. It’s not so much about finding which information is most valuable, as many of those who fret about information overload would have it. Improving … Continue reading Return on attention and Current Cites