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Wired Magazine on Amazon’s book index

An ingenious attempt to illuminate the dark region of books is under way at Over the past spring and summer, the company created an unrivaled digital archive of more than 120,000 books. The goal is to quickly add most of Amazon’s multimillion-title catalog. The entire collection, which went live Oct. 23, is searchable, and … Continue reading Wired Magazine on Amazon’s book index

Amazon inside Microsoft

By integrating Amazon Web Services, Research Services for Microsoft Office System will provide Microsoft Office System users with convenient and seamless access to from within Microsoft productivity applications via the Research Task Pane. Users will be able to access information and make purchases without launching a browser or leaving their document, e-mail … Continue reading Amazon inside Microsoft

The big read

I wonder what sort of correlation there would be between the top titles in BBCi – The Big Read and top titles by holdings in Worldcat? This is the ‘top’ 100 novels nominated by a BBC audience. Not clear to me how they are ordered.

The thematic research collection

John Unsworth writes … … I predict that the genre of scholarship that will replace the book will be the thematic research collection. [ARL 228: The Crisis in Scholarly Publishing in the Humanities]