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Research information management systems – a new service category?

It has been interesting watching Research Information Management or RIM emerge as a new service category in the last couple of years. RIM is supported by a particular system category, the Research Information Management System (RIMs), sometimes referred to by an earlier name, the CRIS (Current Research Information System). For reasons discussed below, this area … Continue reading Research information management systems – a new service category?

Outside-in and inside-out redux

I have been using this phrase, outside-in and inside-out, to discuss a contrast in information management practices that is becoming more important. Here is how I spoke about it a little while ago in these pages: Think, for example, of a distinction between outside-in resources, where the library is buying or licensing materials from external … Continue reading Outside-in and inside-out redux

Institutional sourcing …

There was a nice press release last week about the digitization of a Chaucer manuscript at Petworth House by staff from The University of Manchester’s John Rylands Library. I was interested to see the notes about the role of the library: It is part of a 18-month project – funded by JISC – which showcases … Continue reading Institutional sourcing …

Digital content quarterly

Digital Content Quarterly is a new publication from the Strategic Content Alliance. In this fast-paced, ever-changing environment the Strategic Content Alliance’s Digital Content Quarterly (DCQ) provides a news round-up of digital content issues from around the world, thought-provoking features highlighting key debates in the field and regular columns from leading digital content experts in areas … Continue reading Digital content quarterly


My colleague Ricky Erway bravely accepted the challenge to talk as an outsider on the challenges faced by Europeana to a European conference on digitization last year. Her remarks are recorded in an article in the LIBER Quarterly. The organisers of the second LIBER/EBLIDA workshop on digitisation (The Hague, October 19-21) asked Ricky Erway of … Continue reading Europeana

Stuff as a service …

First, a note on a couple of recent media experiences … We went to The boat that rocked (aka Pirate Radio) recently and were determined to enjoy it. For those that don’t know, it is a movie set in 1966 on a ‘pirate radio’ ship broadcasting music into the UK. However nostalgia was not enough … Continue reading Stuff as a service …

On the discriminations of availability …

Seamus Heaney famously – and in poetry – complained about being included in an anthology of ‘British’ poetry. In the course of his poem he invokes Miroslav Holub‘s ‘On the necessity of truth’ where a man creates a disturbance in a cinema when he sees a beaver mistakenly called a muskrat on the screen. The … Continue reading On the discriminations of availability …

Untangling the library systems environment

NISO organized a meeting on library resource management a couple of weeks ago: I notice that the presentations are now available on the web. They make an interesting collection, and I return to them in a moment. I have written about the library systems environment in these pages from time to time. A blog entry … Continue reading Untangling the library systems environment

Scientific data sets

As attention to research data management and re-use grows I was interested to see the Gateway to Scientific Data provided by CISTI at the National Research Council Canada. Access to data from scientific research is increasingly important to collaborative research. This section aims to improve access to scientific research data for Canadians and support the … Continue reading Scientific data sets


The organizational coalescence of Dspace and Fedora, announced yesterday, is welcome and not too surprising. This arrangement concentrates the resources of two organizations with similar missions and should strengthen their joint ability to secure future resources and to improve their products and services. The new organization is to be called Duraspace. The press release suggests … Continue reading Dura-sell