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ResearchBuzz on Google Print

When I think of Amazon I think of retail. It’s sensible that they arranged their “Search Inside the Book” feature with contemporary publishers and volumes. When I think of Google I think of search. It doesn’t make sense to me that they’re bypassing the huge number of valuable, institutionally-created, full-text online libraries in favor of … Continue reading ResearchBuzz on Google Print


Slashdot contributor critical of the Open eBook Forum approach: Slashdot | Open eBook Forum Courts Controversy Over Formats. He claims it is too much in thrall to the interests of its primary sponsors.

Google print

Barbara Quint discusses the recent Google Print initiative in Information Today. She notes teething troubles with the exposure of OCLC records in Google and wondes about a ‘library tab’ within Google. One alternative would be to put such records into a sub-domain, adding another tab to the spare Google home page. One called �Library� comes … Continue reading Google print

Oxford scholarship online

Couple of interesting things about this announcement from ingenta and Oxford University Press. They are taking 700 books online, with plans to add a further 200 per year. Equations are marked up in MathML, and the search service is built on top of Lucene. Ingenta�s team of developers and designers, in Providence, Rhode Island and … Continue reading Oxford scholarship online

ebooks in the UK

Content suitable for UK (and European) markets was, until recently, in very short supply, although pricing and access models also put ebooks out of reach for many UK public libraries. In some subject areas it may not matter if materials have a US bias, but it is important in subjects such as law and medicine, … Continue reading ebooks in the UK

JSTOR e-archiving initiative

From the inception of JSTOR, we anticipated the need to preserve the “born-digital” editions of scholarly journals. In order to focus on the special preservation and access challenges that this content raises, we have created a new unit within JSTOR, known as the Electronic-Archiving Initiative, or “E-Archive” more informally. Within JSTOR, E-Archive’s mission is to … Continue reading JSTOR e-archiving initiative

Digital Canterbury Tales at the British Library

On this site you will find William Caxton’s two editions of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, probably printed in 1476 and 1483. The originals are both in the British Library. [Caxton’s Chaucer – view the original Canterbury Tales]

Proquest archive of theses

Preserving a university’s dissertations and masters’ theses showcases its research and academic history and provides valuable study tools for students and researchers. [ProQuest Information and Learning :: Press Release] The Library of Congress recognizes ProQuest as the only nationally designated digital archive for dissertations. It’s the first time the Library of Congress has entrusted an … Continue reading Proquest archive of theses