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I typically find myself nodding in agreement when reading Jakob Nielsen’s alertbox. Of course, others may have a different response! Here are his top ten web design mistakes of 2003. Sites are getting better at using minimalist design, maintaining archives, and offering comprehensive services. However, these advances entail their own usability problems, as several prominent … Continue reading Alertbox

Microsoft and CRM

Microsoft will launch a global assault on the Customer Relationship Management market on Monday with the release of multi-language software aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). [ Home US]

Open source vs buy

Interesting article by the CIO of UW Madison. They like to buy, but uncertainty in the vendor space is prompting them to look at open source again despite the maintenance gaps. So why, given the challenges of maintenance and support, did I opt in to a collaborative open-source project last July? And why am I … Continue reading Open source vs buy

Clusters figure highly in top supercomputer list

While the overall rate of performance growth of the top 500 systems is steady, distributed clusters of generally off-the-shelf microprocessors are taking larger shares of these high-end systems. Indeed, seven of the top 10 systems are now clusters. The exceptions are NEC Corp.’s Earth Simulator, by far the most powerful system in the world at … Continue reading Clusters figure highly in top supercomputer list

World’s fastest computers

This list came up in discussion with OSU computer science faculty during the week. The TOP500 project was started in 1993 to provide a reliable basis for tracking and detecting trends in high-performance computing. Twice a year, a list of the sites operating the 500 most powerful computer systems is assembled and released. The best … Continue reading World’s fastest computers

Unplug and play

I think this is a very nice phrase to describe some of what is happening as we look at service oriented approaches. Implementing an SOA leads to agile application assembly, which is a new approach to application development, maintenance and integration that I like to call ‘Unplug and play’: “… achieved by unplugging rigid integrations … Continue reading Unplug and play

Web design and usability guidelines

A resource from the National Cancer Institute:Research-Based Web Design & Usability Guidelines The “Strength of the Evidence” scale provides designers and developers with an indication of how seriously they should consider each guideline. A five-point scale is used to denote the “strength of the evidence” related to each guideline. The more valid the studies directly … Continue reading Web design and usability guidelines

Adopting open source

Open source is an easy choice for the Early Adopter customer: low cost, time to market, and extensibility offer significant business advantage. It’s not such an easy choice for Pragmatists, however, as a single provider will never deliver the Whole Product. For Pragmatists to reap the benefits of open source, they will need to use … Continue reading Adopting open source

Mitch Kapor’s Chandler

When Ken Klingenstein was here he spoke a bit about Chandler from the Open Source Applications Foundation. A ‘marketing’ article in MIT’s Technology Review: Mitch Kapor’s new, more intuitive computer interface puts all the information we need to manage our digital lives at our fingertips, no matter what form it�s in. [Trash Your Desktop]

Amazon inside Microsoft

By integrating Amazon Web Services, Research Services for Microsoft Office System will provide Microsoft Office System users with convenient and seamless access to from within Microsoft productivity applications via the Research Task Pane. Users will be able to access information and make purchases without launching a browser or leaving their document, e-mail … Continue reading Amazon inside Microsoft