Libraries and cultural resources at the University of Calgary

Tom Hickerson, Vice Provost, Libraries and Cultural Resources, and University Librarian, University of Calgary, visitied us last week together with several colleagues. He spoke about their ambitious plans for the new Taylor Family Digital Library. It was especially interesting to hear about the organizational structure within Libraries and Cultural Resources, which brings together several ‘memory … Continue reading Libraries and cultural resources at the University of Calgary

MLA welcomes Obama

The Museums, Libraries and Archives Council in the UK welcomes the inauguration of Barack Obama, quoting from his speech at the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago, June 2005. Here is how the piece opens …. During an especially historic week, the MLA, and its Chief Executive Roy Clare, would like to welcome Barack Obama into … Continue reading MLA welcomes Obama

Museum studies

The UK academic world was in a frenzy yesterday as the results of the Research Assessment Exercise were published. In this process, the work of academic departments is graded on a scale from 4* (‘world leading’) down. It is important for both reputation and revenue, as the results are keenly observed and are used to … Continue reading Museum studies

Das Bundesarchiv and Wikimedia Commons

An announcement from Das Bundesarchiv (German National Archive) and Wikimedia Commons: Starting on Thursday Dec 4, 2008, Wikimedia Commons will witness a massive upload of new images. We are anticipating about 100,000 files from a donation from the German Federal Archive. These images are mostly related to the history of Germany (including the German Democratic … Continue reading Das Bundesarchiv and Wikimedia Commons

Cultural heritage resources at UKOLN

I notice that my former colleagues at UKOLN have created a set of web pages pulling together support services for the cultural heritage communities … What will you find here? Information on a range of topics relating to the use of digital resources and technology. Follow the Topic links in the right hand side bar … Continue reading Cultural heritage resources at UKOLN

BL web

I notice that the British Library has revamped its website. They have also launched a new catalog in beta, using Primo. Currently it searches over 13M records for books and other materials, a major scholarly resource. They also point to the just launched Europeana portal which has been remarked in various places in the last … Continue reading BL web

LAM Consolidation and public funding

It looks as if Ireland is to follow Canada in amalgamating its national archives and national library. However, the driver appears to be financial rather than functional, and it is one of several organizational consolidations being pushed through by the Irish Government. The news came in the 2009 budget announcement as part of a package … Continue reading LAM Consolidation and public funding

The silos of the LAMs

Libraries, archives and museums have different curatorial traditions and professional outlooks. In the digital environment, correspondences grow, around both the management of surrogates and of born-digital materials. Based on workshops in five RLG partner institutions, my colleagues have released a report [PDF] on institutional collaboration between libraries, archives and museums. The project that forms the … Continue reading The silos of the LAMs

The flatpack wealth of nations

Robert Crawford’s poem Digital Library, St Andrews, finishes with these lines …. Where laptops open like thick-leaved books The flatpack wealth of nations. I know this because I listened to him talk to John MacColl in the latest PARCast … Robert Crawford, Professor of Modern scottish Literature at the University of St Andrews, and well-known … Continue reading The flatpack wealth of nations

From GLAM to Columbus

I use GLAM as a category on this blog, standing duty for Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums. We do not have a great collective name for these institutions. Sometimes we may use memory institutions or organizations, but it can sound a little contrived. I was interested to see Tara Brabazon writing about ‘GLAMS’ in the … Continue reading From GLAM to Columbus