Identity management, IPR and e-commerce

The future of media?

As we have been traveling I haven’t been watching a lot of TV, I thought I would go and have a look at a few videos of discussed Olympic events. The BBC is usually my first port of call for things like this, but of course, as noted previously, they will not allow their video … Continue reading The future of media?

Van the Man

Something for the weekend ….. I have been interested to observe the disappearance of many Van Morrison songs from YouTube over the last while. I used to look at some from time to time. For example, there were a couple of videos of Cassandra Wilson’s wonderful interpretation of Tupelo Honey which are now gone. The … Continue reading Van the Man


Not surprising really, but I was interested to realize recently how much more real IPR issues are for my children than they were for me. A couple of indicators …. Brand. They are very aware of brands – for clothes, accessories, and so on. More particularly, they have a sense of the ‘aura’ attaching to … Continue reading IPR

The electronic influences the print

I have just received a copy of Web-based learning through educational informatics from my helpful colleagues in the OCLC Library and Information Center. I have not yet read it, although I look forward to it. The author, Nigel Ford, describes educational informatics as the integration of three major R&D emphases: information and communication technology, education … Continue reading The electronic influences the print

QOTD: Trees, books, rights

There is an interesting short article on book swapping sites in the Guardian, placing them in a ‘recycling’ context. For eco-aware readers, the environmental benefits of swapping rather than buying are clear. In 2003, Greenpeace launched its book campaign, producing evidence that the UK publishing industry was inadvertently fuelling the destruction of ancient forests in … Continue reading QOTD: Trees, books, rights

Search by color …

We have been looking at Etsy at home recently: “your place to buy and sell all things handmade”. It is just nice to use. I especially like the useful search by color 😉 They have an alchemy section: Turn your ideas into reality with Alchemy! Buyers can post requests for custom handmade items, and then … Continue reading Search by color …

Copyright investigation practices

My Programs colleagues have released an interesting review [pdf] of copyright investigation practices across several RLG Partners. In this project, staff from eight partner institutions participated in copyright investigation interviews between August and September 2007 to share the ways in which their institutions currently obtain copyright permission to provide users with access to high-risk or … Continue reading Copyright investigation practices

Google Book Search and document understanding

Google Book Search: Document Understanding on a Massive Scale [PDF] is a brief treatment of issues faced by Google as they grow their corpus of digitized books and work to make it useful in various ways. Luc Vincent of Google discusses OCR (issues of many languages occurring unpredictably in variously formatted volumes, at scale), and … Continue reading Google Book Search and document understanding

Licensing use of digital resources

Constant readers – there are a few 😉 – will have noticed several references to outputs from the Eduserv Foundation of late, as well as links to their blog, eFoundations. They are producing a nice body of work. They have just released a new report “Snapshot study on the use of open content licences in … Continue reading Licensing use of digital resources

Dis-owning collections

It is now conventional to make a distinction between what libraries own (e.g. books, DVDs, …) and what they license (e.g. e-journals). However, we can only use ‘own’ in a circumscribed way. This has been made clearer in the mass digitization projects. Libraries cannot do as they wish with the digitized copies of copyrighted material. … Continue reading Dis-owning collections