Identity management, IPR and e-commerce

NYT article on copyright

Not long ago, the Internet’s ability to provide instant, inexpensive and perfect copies of text, sound and images was heralded with the phrase ”information wants to be free.” Yet the implications of this freedom have frightened some creators — particularly those in the recording, publishing and movie industries — who argue that the greater ease … Continue reading NYT article on copyright


Came across a rather bluntly named blog devoted to IPR issues: Copyfight. The author: Donna Wentworth is a Web Writer/Activist for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and an affiliate of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School, where she was among the first staff members. At EFF, Donna is editor of … Continue reading Copyfight

Shibboleth and library portals

Shibboleth is a federated system of authentication and authorization that can address many of these issues. When institutions and vendors join together in a Shibboleth federation, the library gateway no longer needs to mediate the authentication interaction between library users and resources, and it can use attributes available through Shibboleth to offer an improved set … Continue reading Shibboleth and library portals

Which Fedora?

Apparently RedHat has trademarked ‘Fedora’. See Fedora Project, sponsored by Red Hat. Cornell and University of Virginia, developers of the Fedora digital library software, are not too happy with this. An excerpt from their press release: The Cornell and Virginia teams have taken a number of steps to try to work with Red Hat regarding … Continue reading Which Fedora?

Windows Rights Management Service

Not much detail at: Microsoft is finally set to launch officially its Windows Rights Management Service (RMS) next Tuesday at the RSA Europe show. The Redmondiands had been hoping to launchearlier in October, so as to be ready by the time Office 2003 rolled out, but an alleged last-minute bug nixed that plan. RMS consists … Continue reading Windows Rights Management Service

ZDnet on federated identity

Article by Dan Farber overviewing some recent developments in federated identity management. Interestingly, he does not mention Shibboleth. The most interesting and promising development I encountered at Digital ID World was Ping Identity. The 12-person company, led by CEO Andre Durand, offers SourceID an open source platform for deploying federated single sign-on or enabling federated … Continue reading ZDnet on federated identity

Common services

JISC has issued a call for proposals for studies in digital rights management, authorization, institutional profiling and other services. This is in line with growing interest in “common services” or what JISC calls shared services. The JISC Shared Services Programme: To enable portals and other presentation services to make sense of the diverse digital resource, … Continue reading Common services