Learning and research - distributed environments

Reading lists, citation management and bibliographic tissue

Here is something I wrote a couple of years ago under the title Personal reference collections as digital libraries. A little updating of examples and I think it still holds: We will see much more activity connecting user environments and bibliographic resources. I am thinking of citation managers, reading lists, social bookmarking sites (see citulike … Continue reading Reading lists, citation management and bibliographic tissue

VIAF design pattern

A blog entry by Paul Walk – An infrastructure service anti-pattern – drew some attention a while ago. He argues against a model in which a service provider independently develops APIs and a user interface, and in which, accordingly, the APIs are developed in advance of actual use or explicit external requirements. He claims that … Continue reading VIAF design pattern

Research data set management

Via Pam Bjornson, Chair, Research Data Strategy Working Group, I learn of a report from Research Data Canada: Stewardship of research data in Canada: a gap analysis [pdf]. The method is interesting: This report provides a statement of the ideal state of research data stewardship in Canada and a description of the current state, as … Continue reading Research data set management

Repository interoperability

JISC has just made available a report by Nicky Ferguson and colleagues about consistency of metadata and policies between repositories. In the UK, a large number of Institutional Repositories have been set up very recently. Often, it seems, they lack sufficient clarity of policy and purpose. In interviews with depositors and after conducting a case … Continue reading Repository interoperability


Eric Lease Morgan has a nice note reporting on the Worldcat Hackathon held at the end of last week. A group came together to explore building applications against OCLC Grid Services. Taking place in the Science, Industry and Business Library (New York Public Library), the event began with an overview of each of the Web … Continue reading Hackathon

Supporting research data management needs

Several recent reports discuss the evolving environment of institutional research data management with particular reference to library issues. Here is a list, with a quote from each and a comment or two. Skills, Role & Career Structure of Data Scientists & Curators: Assessment of Current Practice & Future Needs. Alma Swan & Sheridan Brown (Key … Continue reading Supporting research data management needs

You’re so vain … you probably want to look at your h-index

And speaking of Elsevier, several colleagues and I received an email invitation from “the Scopus team” to look at our h-index [Wikipedia entry] on our very own Scopus profile page. Here is some of the text from the invitation: The h-index * can help you evaluate and benchmark your research output and that of your … Continue reading You’re so vain … you probably want to look at your h-index

Parents at the party

From the Guardian: Online spaces are blurring, as universities that podcast and text their students have shown. The Jisc project manager, Lawrie Phipps, explains how the battle lines are being drawn: “Students really do want to keep their lives separate. They don’t want to be always available to their lecturers or bombarded with academic information.” … Continue reading Parents at the party

Syndicated readings

I think that reading lists and citation managers are interesting sites of connection between environments. They are potentially ‘portables’, travelling portals onto resources. I was interested to see the following discussion of reading lists on the Intute blog: One solution is to provide links to key quality Internet resources within your VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) … Continue reading Syndicated readings


Alma Swan has an interesting post discussing the value added by the publisher in copy editing and concludes that it is … variable. She notes a publisher study: Wates and Campbell looked at copy editing changes carried out on a set of science, humanities and social science articles at Blackwell Publishing (as was) and reported … Continue reading References