Learning and research - distributed environments

The network reconfigures the library systems environment

One of the main issues facing libraries as they work to create richer user services is the complexity of their systems environment. Consider these pictures which I have been using in presentations for a while now. Reductively, we can think of three classes of systems – (1) the classic ILS focused on ‘bought’ materials, (2) … Continue reading The network reconfigures the library systems environment

Data curation again

I mentioned the forthcoming report on data from Liz Lyon of UKOLN the other day. It has now appeared. Liz Lyon Dealing with Data: Roles, Rights, Responsibilities and Relationships – Consultancy Report [Word] [PDF] (Permalink) [UKOLN – staff – Dr Liz Lyon] Despite its UK focus, this report should make interesting reading more widely. It … Continue reading Data curation again

Excitation – making connections with citations: a couple of presentations

I was interested to see a presentation about Sakaibrary [ppt] at Getting in the flow. The focus was on creating citation lists from library resources and making them available in Sakai. This is an example of what I have spoken about as bibliographic tissue, the growing interest in lightweight approaches to creating and sharing bibliographic … Continue reading Excitation – making connections with citations: a couple of presentations

Our digital identities: bricolage, prefabrication and disclosure

In recent presentations I talk about workflow in quite general terms. I suggest that we have seen the focus of our attention shift from the database, to the website to workflow as the web environment becomes richer. We want to get things done on the network, not just find things. Workflow, in this general sense, … Continue reading Our digital identities: bricolage, prefabrication and disclosure

Knowledge and health

The UK magazine Update recently carried a story on how health information provision is being coordinated in the UK National Health Service. It contains a striking quote about the value of information – the ‘application of what we know’ – from Dr Muir Grey who has been very involved in this area for several years. … Continue reading Knowledge and health

Zotero again

I mentioned Zotero the other day. I am submerged in several assignments and will not be able to look at it myself for a little while. In the interim, here are some mild opinions, tentatively offered: There are a range of generic options (create a new citation from scratch, capture current web page, capture link, … Continue reading Zotero again

Some e-science resources

One of the primary characteristics of current change is that the network is ‘coming inside’: it is becoming a part of routine activities and they are being reconfigured in the process. This is happening everywhere, and in science it goes under the name of ‘e-science’ or ‘cyberinfrastructure’. The UK Research Councils define e-science thus: What … Continue reading Some e-science resources

A little learning …

A couple of resources about learning, services and the network: Scott Wilson has a nice roundup of thoughts and examples under the heading elearning and web services [pdf]. Edufilter is a new blog from Dave Tosh and Ben Werdmuller, the principals in Elgg: Edufilter has been set up as a resource for those wanting to … Continue reading A little learning …

Conferring about learning

It is always interesting seeing how conferences are shaped. Sometimes you will just have a list of speakers strung around various social events. Sometimes you can actually sense the emerging shape of an area or a good overview of its concerns from a well-designed conference program. I am not quite sure where alt-i-lab 2006 and … Continue reading Conferring about learning

Games and digital libraries

The relationship between gaming and education, and more specifically, between gaming and libraries, is of growing interest. John Kirriemuir has a background working with digital library initiatives and is currently researching gaming environments and behavior in an educational context. He has an article in the current D-Lib magazine talking about games and information services. Though … Continue reading Games and digital libraries