Learning and research - distributed environments

Common information environment

Report in the The Guardian about a somewhat aspirational UK initiative working to create stronger interoperability between information services across health, cultural sector, education, etc. Reading it, it occurs to me that we are seeing two responses to the Amazoogle factor: in one there is an emphasis on aggregation through ‘portal’ or ‘metasearch’ activities, in … Continue reading Common information environment

Vendor integration – libraries and learning

A major recent issue for libraries has been the relationship of library services to emerging instructional technology environments. Increasingly, on many campuses, the course management system facilitates the relationship between learners and between learner and teacher. Interestingly, there is now a systems vendor who povides integrating solutions between the worlds of library and instructional technologies. … Continue reading Vendor integration – libraries and learning

Trip report VALA conference Melbourne

I presented the closing keynote [ppt] at the recent VALA conference in Melbourne Australia [VALA2004 Conference Programme and Links to Papers]. (Added 13 March: just came across a trip report for the VALA conference by Steve Thomas, University of Adelaide.) Here are some brief notes about the meeting …

SAKAI – significant open source initiative

The University of Michigan, Indiana University, MIT, Stanford, and the uPortal consortium are joining forces to integrate and synchronize their considerable educational software into a pre-integrated collection of open source tools. This will yield three big wins for sustainable economics and innovation in higher education: 1) A framework that builds on the recently ratified JSR … Continue reading SAKAI – significant open source initiative


I argued a while ago that libraries’ integration challenge was not so much to integrate information resources with each other as it was to integrate them with emerging user environments. Examples I gave were the campus portal and the learning management system. I have just got an email from a former colleague commenting on this: … Continue reading u-Portal

Program for managing university information in Australia

Announced on 22 October: Australias research information will become more easily accessible and better managed thanks to more than $12 million in funding to improve infrastructure. [Peter McGauran MP, Commonwealth Minister for Science – Media Centre] The funded projects are: * Meta Access Management System; * Towards an Australian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories; * The … Continue reading Program for managing university information in Australia