The words of things entangle and confuse …

I was in a meeting during the week where publishing was being discussed. After a while it became clear that we would have to qualify what we meant by publishing for it to be a usable word in the conversation: people had different views of what was and was not publishing in our changing context. … Continue reading The words of things entangle and confuse …

Cornell brand

There was a snippet in today’s NYT about Cornell’s new logo. Searching further: “We feel — and Cornellians have told us — that this new logo reflects the university’s rich history and academic identity, while providing a modern, clear and meaningful identifier for use in today’s diverse media,” Bruce said. [New university logo] This reminded … Continue reading Cornell brand

MLA survey on museum attendance

From the UK, another survey of use. The most comprehensive survey in five years of museum satisfaction rates and visitor numbers, published today by the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA), shows that more people visit museums each year than go to live sports events, theme parks or the theatre. [MLA – Press Releases – … Continue reading MLA survey on museum attendance

National access to EEBO

JISC has secured long-term access to Early English Books Online for the UK community. They are looking at an interesting approach to further development of the resource by soliciting candidates for digitization from academics. Now JISC, as part of a deal struck earlier this year with ProQuest to make EEBO free to UK universities and … Continue reading National access to EEBO

Olympic icons

Like many others, I have been intermittently watching the Olympics. The Munich Olympics were the first I really registered. I find that the ‘event icons’ used there are very closely bound up with my experience of the games: many were so eonomically suggestive of the sport they represented that they seemed immediately ‘right’. I wondered … Continue reading Olympic icons

Demonstrating value

The title of the 2003-2004 British Library annual report is an interesting indication of the emphasis on demonstrating value: Making a measurable difference.


Via Neil Beagrie I came across TRENDWATCHING.COM: global source for hot consumer trends and related new business ideas in 2004. There is some arresting phrase-making amid the neologistic and rhetorical excess. A few interesting trends for libraries to note: Generation C: “The GENERATION C phenomenon captures the tsunami of consumer generated content that is building … Continue reading Trendwatching

Sun on eBay

Jonathan Schwartz notes that Sun has been experimenting with eBay as a sales channel. We’ve been running an experiment recently – putting computers up for sale on eBay. [Jonathan Schwartz’s Weblog]

Blogging at Microsoft

VARBusiness article on blogging at Microsoft. So let’s take a look at some of the more popular Microsoft blogs, which have given the ogre a new voice. They’ve yet to make Microsoft as cool as Shrek, but they’re getting people to look at the vendor in a new light. Consider the following: Technorati, a site … Continue reading Blogging at Microsoft

Sun’s policy on public discourse

Many of us at Sun are doing work that could change the world. We need to do a better job of telling the world. As of now, you are encouraged to tell the world about your work, without asking permission first (but please do read and follow the advice in this note). Blogging is a … Continue reading Sun’s policy on public discourse