The case of case

We spent a few days in Cleveland during the holiday period. I was interested to see how ‘visible’ Case Western Reserve University was, or should I say Case: Case Western Reserve University is taking on a new look. This new identity represents how our progressive university is melding diverse people, entities, schools of thought and … Continue reading The case of case

Cluetrain manifesto

The library community is highly networked. Particular segments of the library community are more strongly networked. They talk a lot, go to conferences, read the same publications, email, and so on. I wonder are the theses of the Cluetrain Manifesto more applicable to such a community than to some others? See the 96 theses on … Continue reading Cluetrain manifesto

BL Press Release on DCMI

Interesting to see that the British Library has put out a press release about a BL staff member chairing the DCMI Libraries Working Group. Robina Clayphan, Metadata Development Analyst at the British Library, has been appointed to chair the Libraries Working Group of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI). The Group plays a key role … Continue reading BL Press Release on DCMI