National libraries on YouTube

While looking at the Library of Congress presence on YouTube the other day, I was curious about other national library presences. A very quick search for national library ‘channels’ revealed the following … The European Library The National Library Board of Singapore The National Library of Wales The National library of NZ The National Library … Continue reading National libraries on YouTube

Amazon remembers

I noticed this feature on the page for the Amazon Blackberry App. I haven’t yet tried the app or seen the feature working so I do not know how well it works. Perhaps we need an application which allows you to take a picture of a book cover and find it in your library … … Continue reading Amazon remembers

What’s on your mind …

Ohio State, our neighbors to the South, have a nice tag cloud feature on their home page. I am not sure how they are generating it, but they have clouds based on the behavior of different classes of audience. Here are students … Here are faculty/staff … Update: I see that the ‘clouds’ show most … Continue reading What’s on your mind …

The intrusion of ads

We are now used to seeing ads on web pages, and it seems quite normal. In fact, occasionally, they are even interesting or useful. And Google is certainly working hard to make them even more so. Tom Wilson has published Information Research for many years … Information Research, is an open access, international, peer-reviewed, scholarly … Continue reading The intrusion of ads

QOTD – those library users!

From Derek Law: It is also something of a paradox that academic staff, who almost by definition work at the leading edge of their discipline and thrive on change are library and in many cases IT conservatives, seeking investment in back runs of journals and support for long since superseded or home-made software. As the … Continue reading QOTD – those library users!

Indiana tags, books, cloud

Indiana University Bloomington Libraries has a nicely produced Annual Report on the web. We are growing used to seeing tag clouds used in various contexts. I was interested to see this page in the report ….. The report focuses emphasizes change, asking in its title “when does change become transformational?”. I was interested in their … Continue reading Indiana tags, books, cloud

Books about universities

Many of the pages in Worldcat Identities are for corporate authors, Ohio State University, for example. It is interesting in these cases to see what the most widely held items about the institution in question are. Here are some examples from universities ….. So, the list of most widely held items about Ohio State University, … Continue reading Books about universities

Stock ideas

I was looking at iStockphoto earlier for something and on a whim searched for ‘library’. If stock photographs capture stock ideas about things, then it is clear what people still think about libraries …. Incidentally, I liked the ‘flame’ coming out of the top of the images: it indicates how ‘hot’ an item is based … Continue reading Stock ideas

MLA welcomes Obama

The Museums, Libraries and Archives Council in the UK welcomes the inauguration of Barack Obama, quoting from his speech at the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago, June 2005. Here is how the piece opens …. During an especially historic week, the MLA, and its Chief Executive Roy Clare, would like to welcome Barack Obama into … Continue reading MLA welcomes Obama

Holiday note 3: knitting a web presence

I find website appearance both more and less important, as I suggested in a post a couple of years ago (although it seems only like a couple of months ago ;-). Less important because I now experience many sites as part of the feed-based universe which makes up much of my information consumption. I ‘look’ … Continue reading Holiday note 3: knitting a web presence