The TEL project reports one of its main outcomes to be a “flexible systems architecture based on the SRU protocol”. They have also produced an interim report on metadata issues. One of the interesting things about TEL is their support for the idea of collection level description (CLD) as a form of ‘forward knowledge’ of … Continue reading TEL, SRU and CLD

Metadata and institutional repositories

Some interesting presentations at the 2003-2004 RLG Members’ Forum. Discussion of Cornell and Indiana repository and digital library issues. Examples of the growing interest in rationalising repository initiatives within overall institutional perspective.

Metadata and metadata

Interesting, and I think accurate, observation by Stuart Sutton in his review of Cilla Caplan’s new book on metadata for librarians. While we frequently hear the naive remark (not infrequently from people who should know better) that libraries have been all about metadata from their beginnings and that librarians have a good grip on metadata … Continue reading Metadata and metadata

David Weinberger on metadata

Author of Small pieces loosely joined and co-author of the Cluetrain manifesto on metadata. But that means that metadata, an abstraction of an abstraction, is directly and intimately tied to human projects and human desire. And what’s desire? Nothing but the way we’re pulled into the world, over and over, against our will and in … Continue reading David Weinberger on metadata

Pete Johnston’s report of DC2003

My own experience of DC-2003 probably emphasised the ‘workshop’ elements more than the ‘conference’ aspects, and I had a firm sense that activities in Seattle were part of an ongoing process that had existed before the conference and would continue afterwards. There was also a clear sense that Dublin Core as a metadata standard and … Continue reading Pete Johnston’s report of DC2003

BL Press Release on DCMI

Interesting to see that the British Library has put out a press release about a BL staff member chairing the DCMI Libraries Working Group. Robina Clayphan, Metadata Development Analyst at the British Library, has been appointed to chair the Libraries Working Group of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI). The Group plays a key role … Continue reading BL Press Release on DCMI

Union catalog of art images

A Mellon-funded project at UC San Diego to create a union catalog of art images. The intention is to explore its use for shared cataloging. I wonder how many images are held by multiple institutions? This phase is focused on the development of an underlying union database and the technical proof of concept for a … Continue reading Union catalog of art images

Roy Tennant in Current Cites on delivery of the DC2003 conference proceedings

From all appearances, all of the papers given at the conference are here in Adobe Acrobat format, and presented through an interesting application called “Seamark” from Siderean Software, which also serves as the host for the papers (I can’t help wondering if anyone is backing these up somewhere, but maybe it is my proximity to … Continue reading Roy Tennant in Current Cites on delivery of the DC2003 conference proceedings

Collection level description

A coincidence of events has highlighted the issue of collection level description: On his recent visit to OCLC, Juha Hakala spoke about the work of The European Library (TEL) to develop CLDs for National Libraries. Special attention has been paid to digital collections and collection level descriptions. TEL is a collection of collections and it … Continue reading Collection level description