Hamster wheeling ….

I have found the expression ‘hamster wheeling’ useful over the last few years. I tend to use it in the context of any frantic effort where the participants have to keep several things going at the same time, and where it seems that slowing down might cause something to fall off. More specifically, it is … Continue reading Hamster wheeling ….

Open for business

Well, I wish I could say I was back by popular demand … but that might be stretching the truth just a little 🙂 I am resuming blogging activity for the new year. This also means that we will resume sending out the digest. However, we are going to experiment with a bi-weekly approach, which … Continue reading Open for business

Presenting ….

Although I give quite a few presentations, I don’t really present enough for them to become ends in themselves. I am thinking of this content-wise and style-wise. Content-wise, I tend to talk about things that are currently on my mind unless I have been asked to describe a particular set of activities or address a … Continue reading Presenting ….

A note about Tracey Thorn

A little off topic … I have been listening to Tracey Thorn’s new album, Love and its opposite. Here are several things … It has been available for listening for a while on the label site, and is embedded elsewhere. Videos of live home recordings are available for some songs (here is one for example). … Continue reading A note about Tracey Thorn

The Reader and the Law

Eddi Reader is a Scottish singer, formerly of Fairground Attraction. I was aware of Fairground Attraction but really only began listening to Eddi Reader a couple of years ago and she has become a favorite. [Worldcat Identity][Soundunwound]. She sings some wonderful songs, one of which I link to below. Her musical versions of Robbie Burns’ … Continue reading The Reader and the Law

Working organizations

Via @psychemedia I saw this advert for a CIO at the Open University in the UK. I thought it was interesting for a couple of reasons. The first was the language which seemed more ‘upbeat’ than you normally see in academic institutions (but maybe I am just out of touch ;-). For example: First-class communication … Continue reading Working organizations

All the news …

My former OCLC colleague Eric Hellman has become one of the more interesting bloggers in our space. A little while ago he wrote about the acquisition of Liblime by PTFS. He made a general opening comment …: The library industry has likewise been troubled by misalignment of interests between the owners of the companies and … Continue reading All the news …

Talking to people

I am interviewed occasionally for a report somebody is preparing. Sometimes internal, not for publication, sometimes published. It is always interesting when reading the final outcome to see how and whether my comments were included. My experiences vary. Sometimes I am pleased to see an appropriate trace of the conversation; sometimes I can see no … Continue reading Talking to people


Apologies to commenters – we had some hiccups. Some were delayed and a couple may have been lost. We will try not to do it again …

Government URIs: a write to reply

Tony Hirst alerted me to an interesting document on the structure of URIs in UK government websites. There were two things of immediate interest. The first was the emphasis a Government agency was putting on information architecture in a web environment. Other documents will follow. This is from the introduction: 8. URI sets will be … Continue reading Government URIs: a write to reply