One handed writing – the blog

Recently @mishdalton pointed me at an article about writing op-eds for the New York Times. I was immediately struck by how applicable much of what was said was to blog writing. The advice is pragmatic and not surprising: get to the point quickly, have an opinion, be direct and avoid padding, anticipate and counter potential … Continue reading One handed writing – the blog

End of the digest ….

For almost as long as this blog has been going we have had an associated digest. This has gone out to over 800 people. The frequency of the digest has changed as the frequency of posting has gone down. We have decided that it is now time to turn off the digest. While the blog … Continue reading End of the digest ….

Analysing influence .. the personal reputational hamsterwheel

Analysing influence has been a central part of academic life. We are very familiar with citation analysis. This is possible because the system allows that metric to be measured and it is seen to be meaningful. As new measures have become possible in a web environment they too have been taken up. See for example … Continue reading Analysing influence .. the personal reputational hamsterwheel

Lost in translation .. redux

I am at The 9th Annual Library Leadership Institute in Bangkok. This event is organized by The University of Hong Kong Libraries and brings together librarians from around Asia. It has a dual purpose: to develop and enhance management and leadership qualities and to enhance collaboration and foster relations between libraries. There are just over … Continue reading Lost in translation .. redux

Sympathy for Microsoft …

We are watching a handful of companies battle to support our work and learning lives, our communication, entertainment and social network. The good guys are no longer quite such good guys (Apple, Google?). And the CEO of Facebook can characterize Microsoft as the underdog. My title is prompted by the very fair review of the … Continue reading Sympathy for Microsoft …

Children’s Book Week …. Retread

[A discussion about children’s book Peepo! on Twitter prompt me to recycle this entry from 2006] To mark Children’s Book Week folks here at OCLC are talking about children’s books that mean something to them Here are two I like ….. The Wool-pack One of the first ‘long’ books I remember reading was The Wool-pack … Continue reading Children’s Book Week …. Retread

Buying books and/or experiences: a consumer view

A while ago I was interested to observe that I had begun to resist buying paperback novels. Before that, I would often come away with one from a trip to our local Border’s (sadly now closing) or sometimes buy a mystery novel in the airport (especially on the return trip when good intentions about working … Continue reading Buying books and/or experiences: a consumer view


A digest of this blog is distributed to registered readers each Monday morning. This week, only this entry will be noted as new. I have slowed down on the blogging front and am now going to take a break for a while to focus on some other commitments. I will return later in the year. … Continue reading Hiatus

“How golden is your retriever?” Maurice Line RIP

My former UKOLN colleague Ruth Burt sent me a note last week noting that Maurice Line had died. Ann Chapman writes about his work at the University of Bath, where he was the first University Librarian, as follows … While at Bath, Line initiated a number of research projects. INFROSS, a study of social scientists’ … Continue reading “How golden is your retriever?” Maurice Line RIP

Presenting ….

Although I give quite a few presentations, I don’t really present enough for them to become ends in themselves. I am thinking of this content-wise and style-wise. Content-wise, I tend to talk about things that are currently on my mind unless I have been asked to describe a particular set of activities or address a … Continue reading Presenting ….