One thought on “Beyond records .. genres”

  1. All this is really great and useful. But there are a couple of features that would be so useful and I’m wondering if OCLC could look into them.

    (1) Have books in a series in order. The web page stopyourekillingme does a great job of this for authors and characters in mystery fiction. This is one of the most needed features for readers of fiction, in particular, though could be useful for non-fiction monographic series as well. I think LibraryThing is working on similar information as well, and maybe OCLC could partner with one or both of these as a pilot project.

    (2) When users are searching for books, they really need something more to figure out if a particular book will meet their needs or not. The table of contents helps, but even more useful is the blurb from the book jacket. Amazon and Google books have a lot of these as product descriptions. If they are getting them from somewhere, why can’t OCLC? Is it that publishers don’t want to provide them, or don’t want to provide them for free? It would be great for this to become a default that is provided with all books.

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