Bruges Public Library catalogue

Prompted by a recent entry, I got a note from Koen Calis, Librarian Bruges Public Library, about their catalogue, Cabrio. Here is quite a full presentation which covers a range of interesting feature:

I was interested in their adaptation of my colleague Robin Murray’s synthesise/specialise/mobilise framework to frame the discussion. In his note, Koen remarked that “Bruges Public library considers the horizontal discovery of local resources (heritage collections, community information, courses and events, local advisory data…) to be a very important starting point for redeveloping our library into a local knowledge hub and to enhance participation of the local community”.

One thought on “Bruges Public Library catalogue”

  1. Lorcan,
    a 46 slide slideshow is dishonest intellectually and lazy, to boot. why not highlight what you found interesting? seems like just another aquabrowser instantiation, you haven’t made the case why i would care.

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