5 thoughts on “Card Catalogue Online”

  1. Bristol’ s digitised card catalogue follows in the footsteps of the University of Nottingham’s – see http://nottingham.dilib.info/ – which has been live since October 2006. Both systems use the Chopin 2006 software from Schneider GmbH. Schneider digitised 280,000 cards at Nottingham in two weeks.

  2. @Tim – I looked, but the link out to the card from the entry was broken.
    @Dick – it would be interesting to know when you are finished the conversion and you can close down unlecc!

  3. As to when Nottingham can close UNLECC – well, no funding in sight for a big retrocon project to get this material into our Aleph OPAC. But in 2 years we have blanked out 40,000 cards in UNLECC, either because the book’s been discarded or because we have managed to pull some retro work into the schedule of the Cat/Metadata Team. So you’d think maybe within 10 years the whole thing would go – only we keep finding new metadata things for the Team (mainly repository stuff)and retrocon always struggles to get off the bottom of the priority list.

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