2 thoughts on “Circulating intentional data”

  1. I can’t keep myself from pointing at the work that the Digital Library Research and Prototyping Team of the Los Alamos National Laboratory has been doing over the past years in mining Digital Library usage data. Quite intriguing results of that work were recently published in:

    Bollen, Johan, Herbert Van de Sompel, Joan Smith, Rick Luce. Towards alternative metrics of journal impact: a comparison of dowload and citation data. 2005. Information Processing & Management. Preprint at arXiv:cs.DL/0503007. Information Processing & Management paper at doi:10.1016/j.ipm.2005.03.024.

    Over the past year or so, this work has extended into the realm of federating usage logs across environments. We will report on that work at the upcoming CNI Task Force meeting. The abstract of our presentation is available from the CNI Web site.

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