If they can keep up the momentum ;-), eFoundations, a new blog by Andy Powell and Pete Johnston of Eduserv, will be worth tracking. Here is Andy beginning a discussion of repository interfaces:

Anyway, I digress… to get back to the main point, my answer at the time can be summed up pretty simply. In short, an item bank is a repository and therefore it should support the same interfaces and standards that any other repository is expected to support – the OAI-PMH for harvesting item metadata, SRU for searching metadata and/or full-text, RSS for disseminating news feeds and other lists of items, HTTP for getting the items themselves, OpenURLs for any links to bibliographic resources and cool URIs as identifiers for everything that needs to be identified. [eFoundations: Item banks as repositories]

2 thoughts on “eFoundations”

  1. i googled SRU and came up with these hits in this order:

    Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania
    Scottish Rugby
    Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound
    SRU: Search and Retrieve via URL (Standards, Library of Congress)

    this only reinforces my impression that with billions of people on the planet and goodness knows how many professions and professional organizations, acronymns these days require some kind of “namespace” for their disambiguation, even for closely related professions, not to mention words themselves: tape “archive”; “library” functions, and so on.

  2. We have lots of issues with words. You mention ‘archive’ which causes all sorts of issues. ‘Repository’ is loaded with different associations for different folks. ‘Services’ and ‘Web services’ are head differently by different folks, as stuff with machine interfaces or as more generally available services. And so on …

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