Finding Time

A funny video about a library website? Yes, it is possible ….
One of the highlights of the CIC 2007 Library Conference was in the presentation from Ellysa Cahoy of Penn State (you can see Ellysa’s presentation on Slideshare). Her topic was how the library website should help the user make effective information choices. The presentation included a clip showing a user trying to find Time Magazine on the PSU website. Here it is:


One thought on “Finding Time”

  1. Time Magazine is two clicks out of Google to Time Magazine, complete with content. This video demonstrates how (relatively) user-unfriendly our (libraries’) system are. Why does this have to be? Does it have to do with libraries special ‘rules of engagement’, like those we lump together under the moniker of “bibliographic control” and “ILS”?

    Funny (if sad) video; thanks for sharing.

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