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John Kirriemuir sent me a link to his presentation on gaming and on gaming and libraries, given at the Ticer summer school: Digital libraries a la Carte: new choices for the future. John spends more time on this stuff more than most, so his presentation is a nice overview [ppt].
There are other presentations of interest available on the website (I liked Ian Dolphin’s overview of portal stuff [pdf], have done a separate entry on the FAST search presentation, and have updated my e-science post of yesterday with a note of a couple of relevant pieces.)
The Ticer Summer School has become a longstanding feature of the library landscape and has an international flavor. I have been surprised over the years not to see it replicated elsewhere.

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  1. I went to the Ticer Summer School as a speaker, and also to listen in for the whole week.

    It is quite a remarkable event. The day starts early (sessions open before 9am), and after the last session its straight into dinner for the evening. Then the hotel bar.

    By the end of the week, one ends up fatter, slightly hungover (excellent Trappist beer in the bar). But also with a heck of a lot more knowledge in areas right across the wider library sector; I am shocked at how much – a lot – I’d picked up in the space of a week.

    Also swells the contact network; I met a lot of people from the library sector from various countries (some I hadn’t seen for years, some I’d heard of many times but met for the first time). Most of them had a go at playing various video games.

    I unreservedly recommend the Ticer Summer School to someone who wants an intense mental and social workout a la library issues.

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