In the flow – royally

I was pretty interested earlier to come across The Royal Channel, the Official Channel of the British Monarchy on YouTube. At first I suspected a joke, but there is a link from the official ‘royal’ site. Somebody seems to be putting quite a bit of thought into the Monarch’s web presence.
The 2007 Christmas Broadcast had already been viewed over 820,000 times.
(I came across this as I am writing an entry on Alan Bennett’s quick read The Uncommon Reader, a fictional account of the awakening of the Queen’s sensibilities through a late interest in reading.)

One thought on “In the flow – royally”

  1. Not a joke, Lorcan. I came across several references to this–probably on the BBC news (via web)–several times before the Christmas broadcast. It supposedly was released on the 50th anniversary of the Queen’s 1st TV broadcast (I believe).
    Sorry, this Midwesterner is not an expert on the Queen.

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