Keeping the noise down

_41232209_silent_disco_6666bbc.jpgA silent disco at Glastonbury Festival!

There was no music coming from the speakers – but the clubbers were all equipped with cordless headphones to let them tune into the music, able to choose between two DJs and control their own volume. [BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Glastonbury keeps the noise down]

This is in response to noise complaints from local residents.
A further twist in the growth of shared individual participation!

One thought on “Keeping the noise down”

  1. The New White Noise
    My father’s day gadget (a white iPod Shuffle) makes this story far more plausible than odd.
    The phrase ‘shared individual participation’ sounds a little like the Army tag line ‘an army of one’, which is held in wide contempt in the military by all but the poor saps charged with recruiting unsuspecting 18 year olds to drive poorly-armored HumVees.
    Bringing one’s aural milieu into a tighter and self-regulated scope makes it easier to tune out spurious aural interuptions in an open work environment. Its also an easily surmountable do not disturb sign (both a feature and a bug).
    As a parent I chastised my children for studying while listening to music. Hope my boss feels differently

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