Linking libraries and learning management

Here is a nice example of integration between library and learning environments.

The University of Michigan Library provides course reserves information to the Sakai-driven campus course management system through RSS. We will discuss the system’s framework, describe technical challenges, and suggest collaborative strategies for implementing a similar service. Usage statistics, user responses, and strategies for overcoming technical challenges will also be discussed. [EDUCAUSE | Resources | Resource Center Abstract]

Note the use of RSS, which now seems to be everywhere.
Spotted in EdTechPost.

2 thoughts on “Linking libraries and learning management”

  1. Heh. And I’ve been pondering RSS as a visibility tool for research in institutional repositories.
    It’s like a mosquito buzzing around your ear. Can’t make it go away!

  2. Emory’s Reserves Direct (formerly Course/Control) also exports RSS feeds of reserves lists. This was done to be able to display reserves in both Blackboard and FirstClass (both of which are used as courseware there). The only issue was that, because there wasn’t a single-signon system at Emory, students had to log in twice (once into Blackboard, once to view the reserve) to view an online reserve.

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