One thought on “New resources on researchworks”

  1. Hi, I wandered into your blog while trying to learn more about FRBR. I’m trying to design a library exhibit about the history of our catalog and cataloging that will be interesting to non-librarians. So far I’ve encountered some interesting (and depressing) quotes that I might like to use. I’m referring to some of Tim Burke’s remarks in “Burn the catalog.” I volunteered to do this exhibit because I like a challenge, but I think I’m in over my head. People don’t tend to stand and read a lot in an exhibit. I need a short and easily understood definition of FRBR and I haven’t been able to formulate one. Do you have any ideas?
    Also I keep feeling that I need to justify why the catalog is the way it is, the product of many years, technologies and rules that are so slow to change and that isn’t helping. I enjoyed reading your blog. Elizabeth

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