Jon Udell and blockquote

In response to a comment … the quoted text I put in entries is formatted by a ‘quote’ bookmarklet created by Jon Udell. The kinds of interactions I have in mind are as common as dirt. I’m talking about basic routine chores that we perform daily and almost unconsciously. For example, I’m always citing content … Continue reading Jon Udell and blockquote

A guide to institutional repository software

There has been quite a bit of discussion about the Budapest Open Access Initiative Guide to Institutional Repository Software in various places. One question to emerge is whether there is a place for software specialised to the needs of eprints or other classes of material, or whether general digital library solutions are preferable.  

Jian Qin and Learning Object Vocabulary

The Learning Object Vocabulary (LOV) was generalized from sources in instructional design and technology, learning theories and practices, and conventional library classification and thesauri. This version has the following main categories of learning models, learning objectives, and learning objects. Sources used in creating this ontology include DDC, ERIC Thesaurus, and research publications in learning objects … Continue reading Jian Qin and Learning Object Vocabulary

Godfrey Rust and Ontologyx

Godfrey Rust’s company Ontologyx has been acquired by Rightscom, a digital rights management consultancy. At the same time they have announced a partnership to promote their ‘ontology’ based rights management approach. Godfrey Rust is the main resource behind INDECS. The Ontologyx™ range of products has been developed to enable effective automated communication of complex data … Continue reading Godfrey Rust and Ontologyx

Proquest archive of theses

Preserving a university’s dissertations and masters’ theses showcases its research and academic history and provides valuable study tools for students and researchers. [ProQuest Information and Learning :: Press Release] The Library of Congress recognizes ProQuest as the only nationally designated digital archive for dissertations. It’s the first time the Library of Congress has entrusted an … Continue reading Proquest archive of theses

Roy Tennant in Current Cites on delivery of the DC2003 conference proceedings

From all appearances, all of the papers given at the conference are here in Adobe Acrobat format, and presented through an interesting application called “Seamark” from Siderean Software, which also serves as the host for the papers (I can’t help wondering if anyone is backing these up somewhere, but maybe it is my proximity to … Continue reading Roy Tennant in Current Cites on delivery of the DC2003 conference proceedings

Google glossary

Continuing Google’s quest to build everything into the search results, Google Glossary has gone live on the main Google site. Do a search for something like define elephant or define dna and you get back a definition with your search results. Search for define: dna or click “more results” to see the rest of the … Continue reading Google glossary

Wired Magazine on Amazon’s book index

An ingenious attempt to illuminate the dark region of books is under way at Over the past spring and summer, the company created an unrivaled digital archive of more than 120,000 books. The goal is to quickly add most of Amazon’s multimillion-title catalog. The entire collection, which went live Oct. 23, is searchable, and … Continue reading Wired Magazine on Amazon’s book index

Couple of interesting things at Duke

I do not know if these are related. But came across two interesting developments involving open source software at Duke recently … The first is an e-portfolio project which is working with Dspace as its repository. An electronic portfolio is an organized, purposeful, collection of your personal achievements, course work, and projects. Here you can … Continue reading Couple of interesting things at Duke

Amazon inside Microsoft

By integrating Amazon Web Services, Research Services for Microsoft Office System will provide Microsoft Office System users with convenient and seamless access to from within Microsoft productivity applications via the Research Task Pane. Users will be able to access information and make purchases without launching a browser or leaving their document, e-mail … Continue reading Amazon inside Microsoft

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