The big read

I wonder what sort of correlation there would be between the top titles in BBCi – The Big Read and top titles by holdings in Worldcat? This is the ‘top’ 100 novels nominated by a BBC audience. Not clear to me how they are ordered.

Program for managing university information in Australia

Announced on 22 October: Australias research information will become more easily accessible and better managed thanks to more than $12 million in funding to improve infrastructure. [Peter McGauran MP, Commonwealth Minister for Science – Media Centre] The funded projects are: * Meta Access Management System; * Towards an Australian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories; * The … Continue reading Program for managing university information in Australia

I could get used to this …

More and more people are turning to robots to do their household chores, such as mowing lawns and vacuuming carpets, according to a survey. [BBC NEWS | Business | Farewell lawn mower… hello robot]

Article on changes in scholarly communication

Suzanne E Thorin provides an

Recombinant libraries and special collections in ShelfLife

The October 16 issue of ShelfLife refers to my forthcoming article on portals (now on the website): This article explores the design and use of portals in a library environment. It discusses the motivations for building portals, it discusses portal architectures and typology, and it examines the user environment in which portals are being deployed. … Continue reading Recombinant libraries and special collections in ShelfLife

Collection level description

A coincidence of events has highlighted the issue of collection level description: On his recent visit to OCLC, Juha Hakala spoke about the work of The European Library (TEL) to develop CLDs for National Libraries. Special attention has been paid to digital collections and collection level descriptions. TEL is a collection of collections and it … Continue reading Collection level description

Common services

JISC has issued a call for proposals for studies in digital rights management, authorization, institutional profiling and other services. This is in line with growing interest in “common services” or what JISC calls shared services. The JISC Shared Services Programme: To enable portals and other presentation services to make sense of the diverse digital resource, … Continue reading Common services

The thematic research collection

John Unsworth writes … … I predict that the genre of scholarship that will replace the book will be the thematic research collection. [ARL 228: The Crisis in Scholarly Publishing in the Humanities]

Explaining web services to your CEO

Web services are self-contained business functions that operate over the Internet. They are written to strict specifications to work together and with other similar kinds of components. Some of the more established functions at this stage are messaging, directories of business capabilities, and descriptions of technical services. But other functions are in the works as … Continue reading Explaining web services to your CEO

User studies

Brenda Dervin has an article on user studies in the most recent issue of Information Research. Brenda is working with OR on the IMLS grant. In addition, a recent extensive review of the literatures in library and information science, human computer research, and communication as it relates to information seeking and use, particularly in electronic … Continue reading User studies

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