Phone home

Mike Leigh’s film Happy-go-Lucky has been doing well, and Sally Hawkins who plays the lead won a Golden Globe for her performance.
We liked it much less than the critics appeared to, including the excellent Philip French. (French reviews it in the Observer; while looking for this I came across a different view from Kevin Maher in the Times).
The action is built around close observation of Poppy, a thirty year old primary school teacher living in London.
As I watched, something felt not quite right. About half way through I realized what it was: Poppy was not using a mobile phone. She did use it but only very occasionally and more towards the end. I found myself thinking all the time: where is your phone ….? why don’t you text them ….? why is nobody calling you …?

2 thoughts on “Phone home”

  1. I loved this movie and the Poppie character and her goodness and joy in life. What is fascinating is how this enchanting, delightful, funny, peculiarly British character strains one’s credibility about her authenticity. It makes me more aware than ever of what a cynical and suspicious lot we’ve become. So I guess I’m with those who see this as a movie about us viewers perhaps even more than it is about goodness and happiness.
    But I also wanted to comment on how web 2.0 scatters the mind and the thinking process. Here I am, seriously working away on library 2.0 things … and as invariably happens I get side-tracked into more fun stuff like movie reviews. It happens again and again.

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