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  1. I had not realized there was a Worldcat Registry for individuals already! Thanks for the pointer.
    Ultimately though, I’m not sure this is the solution to individuals-off-campus that will last. Many individuals don’t know their IP address. Many individuals in home internet do not _have_ a fixed IP address. Some individuals _share_ a fixed IP address with people that might have different resolvers.
    In the long run, IP address as identity is a dead end I think (eventually our licensed content providers might figure that out too). I think some solution involving actual authentication (openID?) is neccesary. Figuring out how to make this work in a very easy way for content providers using the registry is a bit of an engineering trick, but I think it’s do-able–perhaps some trick involving third-party cookies.

  2. PS: Your “Review this document for more information (Microsoft Word)” links all give me a not found error! Too bad, because I’d really like to review some documents for more information!
    It’s also pretty cheesy that for an individual to register, the individual needs to find their institutions Resolver base url, and then manually copy and paste it into their individual account setup! I was assuming that instead an interface would be provided for the user to search, find their institution, select it, and have the base url automatically provided–and better yet, automatically changed if the institution changes it in their registration.

  3. Thanks for your interest and comments. Indeed we recognize that authenticating individuals based on their off-campus IP address will not work for everyone, as you point out. It does work for some. Your suggestion to allow users to search for an institution name is a good idea, one that we have considered too. This still would not solve the problems you identified with using home IP addresses. We will be looking at better off-campus solution as part of the University of Minnesota’s EthicShare project (http://www.lib.umn.edu/about/ethicshare/). If there are questions or ideas, you are welcome to contact me off-line whitej at oclc dot org.
    Thanks, Joanna

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