Research support services

I am pleased to note a collaboration between OCLC Research and the Research Information Network in the UK to explore changing research support needs in universities.
We tend to focus on how technology changes library practices, but the impact of technology on libraries will be less important in the long term than the impact of technology on research practices, which in turn the library must be well-placed to support.

The project will investigate researchers’ needs and desires in a small sample of UK and US universities to identify the significant patterns, intersections, gaps and issues from researchers’ points of view, whatever the source of such services. The nature and scope of research support services will be documented, providing examples of good practice, recommending areas where new practice might emerge and identifying possible areas and scope for collaboration within and between institutions. Comparing transnational academic practices will provide evidence and encourage coordination to meet the needs of academic research internationally. [OCLC Research and The RIN announce joint project on research support services]

This work is being carried out in support of the RLG Partnership as part of the Research Information Management theme and we anticipate completing it in May 2010.

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  1. I’d be interested to know if anyone in the library community has investigated the work that the RCP Programme (part of the UK national IT programme in the NHS – Connecting for Health) is doing in this area, particularly around research support services and provision, sharing and re-use of research data? I’m not aware of any links between this work and other initiatives in the library world but it seems that there would be a lot of potential for exploring collaboration – see RCP Programme for more info.

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