Stock ideas

I was looking at iStockphoto earlier for something and on a whim searched for ‘library’. If stock photographs capture stock ideas about things, then it is clear what people still think about libraries ….
Incidentally, I liked the ‘flame’ coming out of the top of the images: it indicates how ‘hot’ an item is based on number of downloads.

2 thoughts on “Stock ideas”

  1. I did this search as well and found the results unusual/atypical of stock photography: there were smiling faces, people doing group projects, people using their laptops in the library (or performing online research), and people smiling while clutching stacks of books. This beats the stock photography of yore featuring images of shooshing librarians.

  2. @Josh. I did the search with results ranked by number of downloads, which gives a sense of which pictures are the most popular.
    I don’t think that there are any shooshing librarians in the pictures above and there certainly are happy people 😉
    I agree that there are a lot of nice pictures here; I was just struck by which ones came to the top when ordered in this way. I probably should have mentioned the ranking.

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