One thought on “Systemic change: CIC and Google”

  1. A couple of thoughts.
    “Google currently links through to library services but this needs to get smoother”
    The layout of a books details page (e.g. is made up of a number of sections – if this was extended to allow the addition of gadgets from iGoogle (, then perhaps the integration of library information into this would be a way forward (thus integrating library services into Google rather than the other way round – which I guess would also help with the issue of advertising revenue when integrating Google services into 3rd party applications)
    Secondly – Copyright:
    What may also be interesting is how texts digitised by Google, but not in the public domain might be licensed for use. Perhaps initiatives like the trial CLA digitisation license in the UK
    might evolve in allowing a specific HE institution to get access to the Google digitised texts?

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